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A design contest for current NYU students

Contest overview

Project Shhh: Getting to Zero


What is Project Shhh: Getting to Zero?

Project Shhh: Getting to Zero is a student competition hosted by Bern Dibner Library in partnership with NYU Green Grants.  The competition this year will be to help bring NYU to zero waste and emissions.

This Years Challenge

Inspired by NYC’s Getting to Zero challenge to “eliminate waste sent to landfills by the city by the year 2030,” this year’s Project Shhh! challenge is to develop a proposal that will reduce waste at NYU.  For the purpose of this challenge waste can be considered as either emissions or garbage.  Participants are strongly encouraged to work in multidisciplinary groups and to consider the challenge from both engineering and design perspectives.

How can I sign up?

To register please use the link provided:  REGISTER YOUR TEAM, registration closes on Wednesday September 27th.

Who can enter?

Project Shhh: Getting to Zero is open to all NYU students.  Teams of any size are eligible, although groups of 3-5 students are recommended. We strongly encourage students to work in multidisciplinary teams in order to examine the problem from all angles.

More Questions?

If you have any additional questions email

Prizes will be awarded! 

First place: $500 and fast tracked towards receiving an NYU Green Grant  

Second place: $250