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NYU Classes: Adding Library Resources: Linking Service

Creating a reading list of NYU Libraries sources

Linking Service

If you don't have the time to create your own links in NYU Classes / Blackboard, you can use the Library Linking Service, and we'll create the links for you.

Here's how it works:

  • You submit your reserve list by either:
    • using the Course Reserve Request Form
    • emailing a list of the items you'd like put on reserve to
    • filling out a form in person at the library-just ask at the circulation desk as you enter Bobst 
  • We check your list to see if NYU Libraries licenses any of the articles, ebooks, etc. on your list.
  • We then create a reserves list in BobCat under your name and course number. This list includes links to the items we license or are freely available websites, and information about print or media materials on reserve for your course.
  • Students can then access the complete reserves list by searching your name, or the course name or course number in BobCat under the Course Reserves tab (
  • School of Social Work students should search for their courses using course name and/or course number.
  • The list which is generated will include the physical materials you have available at the Course Reserves desk in Bobst Library, and links to the full-text for items we license.
  • To help students locate the materials you've selected for your course, cut-and-paste the instructions to the left and include them in your NYU Classes / Blackboard course. The Bobst Library Course Reserves staff can also provide you with a persistent link via tiny URL to your BobCat reserves list.

For More Information:

Linking Service vs. DIY

Here are a few things to consider when deciding between creating your own links (DIY) and using the library linking service.

  1. How much time do you have?
    It is usually best to submit your reading list for the linking service a few weeks prior to the start of the semester.  This will give the library time to process your request and ensure that everything is in place for the start of the semester. If you prefer to pull your list together closer to the start of the semester, you may consider creating your own links to ensure students will have access to the material by the date needed.

  2. How often do you plan to modify the list?
    If you intend to make changes to your reading list as the semester progresses, you may find creating your own links is the best method. Because you create the links, you can easily make changes to your course reading list at your own convenience.  While you can submit changes to readings during the semester, remember you will have to allow for processing time.

  3. Do you have a mix of print and electronically available materials on your list? The Library's linking service will create a list of your course materials in BobCat. This allows you to integrate links to materials we license online with the print materials you've selected for your course, whether owned by the library or your own personal copies.

Of course, sometimes the best solution is a mix of the two methods.  Use the linking service for the majority of your readings and then make your own links for additional readings, or readings you need to make available last-minute.