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Education: Finding Research Materials

An overview of the resources available for researchers in the field of education, broadly defined.

About this page

The article literature is central to the work of both education researchers and practitioners. The article databases listed here allow you to search the contents of thouands of journals simultaneously. If you had to choose only one to know well, it would be ERIC, the central database from the department of education. We subscribe to ERIC in a few formats, but I suggest starting with the combined database Education Fulltext & ERIC for the widest possible coverage.

3 things to remember!

When using article databases, remember there are always three stages in your workflow (the "three Ds"):

1) Discovery: Do (and redo!) your searching, using varying terms and combining using the Boolean operators "and, or, not" to get good results. Your first search is not your best search, but rather an opportunity to learn how to immediately do a better search

2) Delivery: For items that you like, select the link to the fulltext if available, or click on the button to see if we own the item. If you want to keep this item, either save it to your own computer, email it to yourself, or print it.

3) Database it: Keep the "meta-information" about all that good resources you found for your records and to make your bibliographies. You will find yourself returning to resources so having a system in place will save you time and aggravation later. The NYU Libraries offer a number of tools to our users to help with this, in particular a tool called RefWorks, which you can learn about here.

Article Databases

To access the electronic resources on this list, click on the name below. If off campus, you will be asked for your NYU NetID and Password (same as NYUHome) and then sent into the database.

Finding Books

Search here for books, journals and other print materials, videos, sound recordings, e-books, e-journals, databases, and indexes in our local libraries and special collections.


Can't find it at NYU? Try these resources: