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Global Food Cultures: Macao

This guide is designed for the course "Global Food Cultures: Hong Kong," offered by the Media, Culture, and Communication Department.

Finding Books

Search BobCat for the following terms:

  • cookery portugal
  • cookery china
  • cookery macao

About This Page

This page strictly addresses food culture in Macao.  However, you should use the rest of the above tabs for additional information on food cultures. The country information tab will link you to resources for finding out more about Macao, as well as Portugal and China.

There are not a lot of articles specifically addressing food culture in Macao, so you will need to look at articles and sources related to China and Portugal, as well as the history of Macao in order to contextualize your research.

Remember: When searching, include the variants of Macao.  Always search for: macao OR macau OR macanese

Finding Articles for Food Culture in Macao