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Latin American Studies: Primary Sources

A guide for those interested in the literature, culture and history of Latin America.

Primary Sources in Bobst

Published Material: Primary 

Historical researchers investigate the past using both primary and secondary sources.

Primary Sources can be defined as anything representing a first-hand account of an event in history. Primary sources can be published or unpublished.



Examples of Primary Sources:

  • Memoirs, diaries, letters, interviews and other first-person accounts
  • Official publications, government documents, court reports and police records
  • Newspaper and magazine articles from the period under study
  • Paintings or photographs
  • Film and television programs
  • Print and television advertising
  • Music recordings

In general, to find published primary source material, you should use a subject word search or an exact subject phrase in BobCat for your topic, and add these terms:

  • Sources
  • Personal Narratives
  • Description and Travel
  • Correspondence

Examples of published primary sources include:

Also, keep in mind full text source material available online by using the advanced search option on Google Books.