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Media and Communication: Concepts and Terms

Provides an introduction to core resources in the field of media and communication.


Need a basic definition?

Dictionary of Media and Communication Studies
Provides in-depth definitions of concepts and events. Sample entries include: postmodernism, Communications Decency Act, and McWorld vs. Jihad.

NTC's Mass Media Dictionary.
Provides brief definitions of terms related to mass media (television, advertising, etc.)


Unfamiliar with a concept or theory? Try an encyclopedia.

International Encyclopedia of Communication Online
Spans the breadth of communication studies, including coverage of theories, media and communication phenomena, research methods, problems, concepts, and geographical areas.

International Encyclopedia of Communications
Provides an overview of key concepts, modes and systems of communication, and important people in the field.

Encyclopedia of Communication and Information
Provides in-depth entries for that cover:careers, information science, literacy, institutional studies, interpersonal communication, and media effects.

History of the Mass Media in the United States
Provides in-depth entries related to events, people, and topics related to US mass media.