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Grants and Proposals: Step 1: Determining your funding need

This guide is designed to help you navigate the process of finding and applying for outside funding.

Getting Started

Knowing what type of funding your looking for will make your search for funding sources more efficient and manageable.  So, before you start looking for sources, ask yourself a few key questions:

1. WHO?  Who or what is the funds-seeking entity, e.g., an individual, an organization, a business? 

Individual fundseekers can obtain additional information by exploring Foundation Center's FAQs and/or consulting their topical resource lists.

2. WHAT?  What will the funding be used for, e.g., tuition, an art project, research, travel expenses, etc.? 

    • If you are looking to fund your education, you are likely looking for a scholarship, fellowship, or financial aid and can find relevant resources here
    • If you are an artist, you can find helpful information here
    • If you seek a research grant, please consult Foundation Center's Guide to Funding Research and The Funding Research Process.   

3. WHERE?  Is the entity and/or purpose for the money domestic or international? 

Funds are often contingent on geography.  Whether you're an international student looking to fund education in America or an American scholar looking to conduct research abroad, place may matter.

The Foundation Center provides a quick and easy guide to identifying types of funding for different needs based on the above questions.