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Dance Education: Primary Sources

Provides an introduction to resources in the field of dance. This guide is intended as a starting place for researchers, pointing to tools for finding books, scholarly articles, reviews, and other topical and collection-related information.

Current Dance Reviews

To locate dance reviews: in most cases entering tlhe name of the artist or name of the performance plus the word REVIEWS will be enough to retreive the reviews.

Letters and Diaries/ Oral Histories

What are Primary Sources?

Primary source is a term used in a number of disciplines to describe source material that is closest to the person, information, period, or idea being studied.  A primary source (also called original source) is a document, recording, artifact, or other source of information that was created at the time under study, usually by a source with direct personal knowledge of the events being described. It serves as an original source of information about the topic. Similar definitions are used in library science, and other areas of scholarship. In journalism, a primary source can be a person with direct knowledge of a situation, or a document created by such a person. Primary sources are distinguished from secondary sources, which cite, comment on, or build upon primary sources, though the distinction is not a sharp one.

New York Public Library Archives & Manuscripts

TITLE: [Scene from Othello with Paul Robeson as Othello and Uta Hagen as Desdemona, Theatre Guild Production, Broadway, 1943-44.  PART OF: Farm Security Administration - Office of War Information Photograph Collection (Library of Congress

Historical Databases

Historical Newspaper Reviews

Historical Image Collections