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Slavic Studies: Beyond NYU, Russian

Library resources for Slavic Studies research

Russian Research Sites

Russian Digital Collections

For Russian Digital Collections see Slavic Studies Internet Resources Resesarch Guide.


Useful Russian Internet Sites by Subject

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

Мир словерей* - specialized Russian dictionaries and encyclopedias
Dal' dictionary 1st ed., 1863-1866
Slavic Dictionaries Online* -- includes the Dal' Dictionary (2nd ed., 1800-1882), specialized Russian dictionaries and many more
Brokgauz i Efron encyclopedia (1890-1904)
Russian Biographical Dictionaries

Russian Search Engines


Russian-English/English-Russian Dictionaries

Dimitry Chinkin's English-Russian Dictionary


Museums of Russia
(Russian version)


Russian Federal Statistics Service


CIA Maps of the former Soviet Union


Russian History Index
Survey of Russian History
The Romanovs, 1613-1917, biobibliographic guide  with search engine from the Russian National LIbrary (in Russian)

History of Russian Law 

      On each of the below links, click on Выбрать том button (near the top). From the list that comes up, choose and click on a volume, then click on the image of the volume cover for the pdf.
Russian Laws Search Engine

The Russian Law Code: laws arranged by topic
​Свод законов Российской Империи  pub.1857-1868. Click on Выбрать том  button (near the top). From the list that comes up, choose and click on a volume, then click on the image of the volume cover for the pdf.


AWSS Translation Registry and Bibliography (Association for Women in Slavic Studies) 
The AWSS Translation Registry is a pilot project listing the translations and translations-in-progress into English of works by women authors of Eastern Europe and countries in the territory of the former Soviet Union. The Registry has two purposes: first to allow translators of such works to register a translation in progress so that other translators can avoid duplication; and second to let professors who are creating syllabi know what works by women writers of these countries are available in English.

   Словесность: Каталог лучших литературных сайтов современной сетевой литературы
     Soviet Literature (click on "Impatient")
     Литературная карта России (Literary Map of Russia)     
     Литературная энциклопедия (Moscow: 1929-1939, t. 1-11)
     Fundamental'naia Elektronaia Biblioteka    
     Russia Beyond Russia: The Andre Savine Collection Project

         Anekdoty iz Rossii

  Library of Congress bibliography of Imperial Russian Music
 Russian Bards

 Newspapers and Magazines
Zhurnal'nyi Zal (Journal Hall)
       Newspapers and Magazines From and About Russia


     Russian Philosophy on the Intelnet

Russian Government
Demographics: Russian Longitudinal Monitoring Survey
Networks and Hierarchies in the Soviet Provinces, 1945-1970     
See also the Data tab on this guide.

   Russian Spirituality Resources (Duke University)

*Query must be entered in Cyrillic


Libraries with Strong Slavic Collections

 United States

The New York Public Library Catalog
   Description of the Slavic and Baltic Division

Columbia University Catalog

East Coast Consortium of Slavic Library Collections

Library of Congress Catalog
   Czech and Slovak Collections
   Polish Collections
   Russian Collections
   South Slavic Collections

Harvard University Catalog

University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana Catalog

Stanford University Catalog
   Description of Slavic and East European Collections

University of Chicago Catalog
   Description of Slavic and East European Collection

Center for Research Libraries Catalog
   Search newspapers by country

International libraries

British Library Catalogs
   Description of Slavonic and East European Collections

Czech National Library

Polish National Library

Russian National (formerly Saltykov-Shchedrin) Library*
   Search Catalog of Russian books, 1725-1998 

Russian State (former Lenin) Library*    Catalogs

Svobodnyi katatalog bibliotek Rossii*

VGBIL State Library of Foreign Literatures*    Catalog

* requires Russian keyboard. Russian keyboards available in the General, Humanities, and Social Science reference center on the first floor of Bobst Library (Ref1).

Russian Archives

Archives in Russia  (Arkhivy Rossii)

Amherst Center for Russian Culture

Osip Mandelshtam Papers at Princeton University

Revelations from the Russian Archives (Library of Congress)

Soviet Archives (Documents)

Hoover Library and Archives

Hoover Institution Library Pamphlet Database
   55,000 pamphlets including many in all Slavic languages


Russian Digital Collections

For Russian Digital Collections, see Slavic Studies Internet Resources Guide.


Interlibrary Loan

Slavic Professional Organizations

ASEEES: Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies (formerly AAASS)

AATSEEL: American Association for Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages
Includes Slavic dissertation abstracts and dissertations in progress

AWSS: Association for Women in Slavic Studies

Obshezhitie: Cyrillic and Glagolitic manuscripts and early printed books

SEEFA: Slavic and East European Folklore Association