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SSRC List of Eurasian Studies Data Sets

Russian Historical Statistics Database

          Database of historical statistics on the social and economic development of Russia over the last two centuries developed by the International Institute of Social History (Amsterdam), the New Economic School (Moscow), and the Interdisciplinary Centre for Studies in History, Economy and Society (Moscow). The database contains a selection of basic indicators of social and economic development within seven broad topics for five historical cross-sections, subdivided into twenty-six subtopics. Data are provided for individual regions according to the administrative-territorial division of the Russian state for each cross-section. Not all indicators are available (yet) for all cross-sections.

Russian/Former Soviet/East European General Statistical Data

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International Financial Statistics Online (International Monetary Fund) International Financial Statistics is a standard source of international statistics on all aspects of international and domestic finance. It reports, for most countries of the world, current data needed in the analysis of problems of international payments and of inflation and deflation, i.e., data on exchange rates, international liquidity, international banking, money and banking, interest rates, prices, production, international transactions, government accounts, and national accounts. The IFS database contains time series data from 1948.

World Development Indicators Online Washington, D.C.: World Bank. (annual). 500 time series indicators for 148 countries and regional and income groups, with basic indicators for a further 62 countries. Time series for most indicators cover 1960 to the present.

EIU Country Data London: Economist Intelligence Unit. (monthly, quarterly, annually). 278 times series on 117 countries from 1980-present. Charting and analytical functions available.

Statistical Universe Indexes the statistical publications of international government agencies such as the IMF, OECD, World Bank, and UN, as well as the U.S. Government. Contains direct links so much data, while ohters are available on microfiche in the International and U.S. Documents Centers on Ref6.

ISI Emerging Markets Financial information, news and business intelligence for over 25 emerging countries. Coverage includes company profiles, financial statements and earnings estimates, analyst reports for companies and industries, current and historical market information, economic statistics and forecasts, and current news.

PRS Country Data Detailed political risk rankings, economic indicators and forecasts for over 160 countries

Business Monitor Online Provides extensive industry, economic, political, risk, and financial market analysis and data for about 175 countries. Especially useful for emerging economies.

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The Data Service Studio

The Data Service Studio on the fifth floor of Bobst Library provides expert staff and access to software, statistical computing, geographical information systems analysis, data collection resources, and data management services all in support quantitative research at NYU.

Consultation is available by appointment thru the online request form, via email (, telephone (212-998-3434), or on a walk-in basis


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