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Slavic Studies: Maps / GIS (Geographic Information Systems)

Library resources for Slavic Studies research

Historical Maps of Russia and the Former Soviet Republics

Historical Map of Moscow

Imperia: Mapping the Russian Empire

Imperia: Mapping the Russian Empire
        Harvard GIS project.
                 "The purpose of the Imperia Project is to promote the study of Russia's spatial history. To that end it aims to 1) make available a range of historical maps, databases related to demographics, cultural institutions, and economy, 2) assist instructors in bringing interactive engagement with maps and geographical information into the history classroom, 3) encourage conversation among researchers, instructors and students interested in the spatial history of the empire."

Finding Slavic Maps and Atlases in Bobcat or WorldCat

To find collections of Slavic maps in Bobcat or WorldCat, use the following subject headings:

 Europe, Eastern -- Historical geography -- Maps

 Russia -- Historical geography -- Maps

 Former Soviet republics -- Maps

Russia (Federation) -- Maps

Bobst GIS Services

Krawciw Map Collection

82 Digitized Maps, 1500-1940s, of Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, Russia, Crimea and the Black Sea, from Harvard's Bohdan and Neonila Krawciw Ucrainica Map Collection. Only these 82 maps out the collection have been digitized. 
(For the complete list of the 650+ maps in the collection, enter Krawciw Map Collection in the search box in the Hollis catalog )
To see the digitized maps, click on the link below