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Actors Page: Play Analysis

This page is designed for actors, to help them develop the library skills they will need when researching a role. Using the proper research methods your visit to the library will be easier and more efficient.

to find more information about plays

You will get A LOT of hits, so use the limits you find on the left hand side of the page

Use these databases to find out what a play is "about"

Processional by John Howard Lawson 1937

English: Color silkscreen poster by American illustrator Richard Halls (1906-1976) for Federal Theatre Project presentation of "Processional" ("The First Modern American Play") by American playwright John Howard Lawson (1894-1977) at the Maxine Elliott Theatre, 39th St. East of Broadway, New York City. Date: 1937.12.08.  Author: Richard Halls. Work Projects Administration Federal Art Project, New York City.

Online Plays

These databases includes full text of plays, selected playbills, production photographs and other ephemera.

Finding Play Reviews

Try these databases to find play reviews

SEARCHING TIP: enter name of play, authors name (in quotes), and the word Review

Monologues and Scenes

Most of our books of monologues have call numbers beginning with PN 2080 and are shelved on the 8th floor. If you don't have a specific type of monologue in mind, you might want to browse the shelves to see what's available.

In BobCat there is no specific subject heading for scene books.You can perform a keyword search in the catalog for the term monologues. If you are looking for a particular type of monologue, try combining the word monologues with a descriptive keyword, such as: monologues and men, monologues and women, monologues and classical and monologues and contemporary, etc.

You can also find monologues in any of the Online Play Databases, just choose Advanced Search and enter monologue.