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Actors Page: Speech & Dialect

This page is designed for actors, to help them develop the library skills they will need when researching a role. Using the proper research methods your visit to the library will be easier and more efficient.

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Suggested keywords to use in BobCat: Speech, Voice Culture, acting, speech

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Working Shakespeare - MUSCULARITY OF LANGUAGE: Motion and Rhythm

In this first workshop, Cicely Berry introduces us to the fundamentals of meter and rhythm in Shakespeare. The group discovers how that underlying beat, the iambic pentameter, responds to the diffe...

Here is a collection of Video's you may want to see - Muscularity of language [videorecording] : motion and rhythm

Freeing Shakespeare's voice : the actor's guide to talking the text


David Alan Stern

Includes the following:

Standard British, Norwegian or Swedish, Boston, Polish, Arabic, Chicago, Irish, Yiddish, Russian, Italian, Cockney, French, American southern, Spanish, German, Scottish, Australian, Upper class New England "Kennedy-esque", 4 Texas dialects, West Indian and Black African accents, Mid-west farm & ranch, Down east New England, British north country, New York City.


Great dialect CD's ! this series is especially good. - Gillian Lane Plescia's Series Performed by Native Speakers

new dialect books