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Actors Page: Pictorial Research & Costumes

This page is designed for actors, to help them develop the library skills they will need when researching a role. Using the proper research methods your visit to the library will be easier and more efficient.

Videos Online

Pictorial Research & Costumes

English: Hungarian traditional dressing (XIX century). Young peasant woman from Neograd. published on 1831.  uthor: Luigi Giarrè (died in 18?) and Vincenzo Stanghi (died on 1860)

Finding Images

You can find more image links on the Theatre Libguide Finding Images/Videos

Finding Photographs

Some Tips:

Subject AND pictorial works

ex. Russia AND pictorial works

Subject AND Century AND  pictorial works

ex. 19th century AND pictorial works

To find Illustrated Histories enter:

illustrated history of country

To see production photographs try:

Theatre World

Ref1  PN2277.N5 A17


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