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Judaism in Mainland China: Home


Historical Abstracts

Comprehensive coverage of European History. For best results search: Jew* and China, and use faceted search terms to limit results.

RAMBI Index to Articles on Jewish Studies

Comprehensive coverage of Judaic Studies, including Sino-Judaica, a particularly important journal.



Chiune Sugihara: Conspiracy of Kindness.

The story of Sugihara, Japanese consul in Lithuania during WWII, who issued thousands of visas illegally to Jewish refugees. These individuals traveled through Russia and Japan before arriving in Shanghai. Includes commentary from his family and anecdotes from specific refugees who he saved.

Shanghai Ghetto.

A narrative of thousands of Jews and their escape to Shanghai. Focuses on the refugees as a group without dwelling on individual stories.

Zuflucht in Shanghai: the port of last resort.

Tells the history of the WWII Refugees through four survivors: Fred Fields, Ernest Heppner, Illo Heppner, and Siegmar Simon.


China Judaic Studies Association: Promoting Judaic Studies in China

Maintained by Professor Xu Xin and Nanjing University, this site has a useful list of recently published books, book reviews, articles, conferences, and tours relating to the history of Judaism in China, Jewish culture, and China-Israel relations.

IGUD YOTZEI SIN - Association of Former Residents of China in Israel

IGUD YOTZEI SIN was founded in Israel in 1951 to provide community solidarity for Jews who formerly lived in China. The website’s academic content is organized by location, and provides chronologies, biographies, photographs, and lists of publications for thirteen Jewish communities in China. The coverage of areas that hosted larger communities (such as Shanghai and Harbin) is the most comprehensive.

    Beth Hatefutsoth: Museum of the Jewish People

    Searching "China" on this website accesses several articles about Jewish communities there. The museum also maintains a collection of databases that can be searched at the museum or via e-mail request.

    The Rickshaw Express Web

    A virtual community for Shanghai Refugees, this website is a venue for former Jewish residents of China to keep in touch with each other. In addition, it provides access to articles, a bulletin board of community events, and scanned primary documents (such as passports, visas, and pictures) from private collections that are not available elsewhere.

    The Sino-Judaic Institute

    Founded in California in 1985, the Sino-Judaic Institute is a non-profit organization that works to promote the cultural understanding and historical preservation of the study of Jews and Judaism in China. The institute publishes a journal called Points East three times annually. Current articles and archived editions are available on the site.


    This Research Guide was prepared by Shoshannah Zirkin Turgel, who received her MLS from the Palmer School of Library and Information Science, Long Island University, and her MA in history from New York University in 2009.


    Encyclopaedia Judaica

    A definitive work on all subjects pertaining to Judaism, Jewish culture, life, and history. Contains a “China” section with headings for “Early Jewish Visitors and Settlers,” “Modern Jewish Communities,” “China and Israel,” and a separate entry for "Shanghai.”

    The Cambridge Encyclopedia of China

    Offers a brief section on Judaism that covers basic history, the Jews of Kaifeng, and the communities of Shanghai and Hong Kong.