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Plays and Playwrights: Finding Books

This guide is intended to help students find basic information about plays, and playwrights.

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Search Tips

Searching Bobcat

Below are some examples of Keyword Searches in BobCat that can be used to find information about plays and playwrights:

By a playwright:

mamet in Author
and plays in Title

If you want all works by a particular author, search only by author. For example,

mamet, david in Author

will retrieve a complete list of works by the author.

About a playwright:

o'neill in Subject Heading
and theater in Subject Heading

If you want all works about a particular playwright, search only by subject. For example,

o'neill, eugene in Subject Heading

About plays:

theater in Subject Heading
and staging in Subject Heading

english drama in Subject Heading
and women in Subject Heading

Use WorldCat to find books outside of Bobst

Looking for books and plays you can't find in BobCat? WorldCat is the place to go.  WorldCat also is a great place to find "chapters" of books.