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Plays and Playwrights: Reviews

This guide is intended to help students find basic information about plays, and playwrights.

Reviews / How to search


  • Readers' Guide To Periodical Literature.
    Electronic Access available via Wilson's OmniFile Full Text Mega, 1982 to date
    Electronic Access available via Readers' Guide Retrospective, 1890-1982
    Description: Provides citations to articles, including theater reviews.
    Organization: Articles can be found any of the following ways: by entering the playwright's name as a "Subject," by entering the name of the production as a "Work," and/or by selecting "Theater Review" as the "Document Type."
  • Guide to Critical Reviews, by James Salem. Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow Press, 1979 ; 1984.
    Bobst REF1 Z5782.S34 1984 parts 1-3
    Description: Provides critical reviews of Broadway, Off Broadway, and Off-Off Broadway production from 1909-1982.
    Organization: Arranged alphabetically. Part 1: American Drama, 1984 - indexed by playwright; Part 2: The Musical, 1909-1974 - indexed by title; Part 3: Foreign Drama, 1909-1974 - indexed by title with a supplement from 1963-1980.

Complete Reprints of Reviews

  • Theatre Record. 1981 to date. Bi-weekly. Titled London Theatre Record from 1981 to 1990.
    Bobst REFl PN2596.L6L66 (1981 on microfiche in Microforms Center--MF5)
  • New York Theatre Critics' Reviews. 1958 to 1996. Weekly. Titled National Theatre Critics' Reviews from 1995 to 1996.
    Bobst REF1 PN1601.N4 (1940-1957 on microfilm in Microform Center, LL2--titled Critics' Theatre Reviews from 1940 to 1942.)
  • New York Times Theater Reviews. 1870 to 2000. Published every two years
    Bobst REFl PN1581.N38 - N42n
    Electronic Access available via Historical New York Times, 1851 to three years previous

Regional Reviews avail online

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