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Psychology: Experiments Online

This guide provides descriptions of commonly used library resources for research and scholarship in the field of psychology.

Experiments Online

Psychological Experiments Online
Pairs audio and video recordings of quintessential experiments in psychology with thousands of pages of primary-source documents. It includes notes from experiment participants, journal articles, books, field notes, and final reports in topics from obedience to authority and conformity to operant conditioning. This multimedia collection synthesizes the most important psychological experiments of the 20th and 21st centuries that have far-reaching impacts on fields as diverse as sociology, business, advertising, economics, political science, law, ethics, and the arts.

JoVE: Journal of Visualized Experiments
This journal was established as a new tool in life science publication and communication, with participation of scientists from leading research institutions. JoVE takes advantage of video technology to capture and transmit the multiple facets and intricacies of life science research. The title is a peer reviewed, PubMed-indexed journal.  

Of particular interest are the JoVE Neuroscience and JoVE Biology protocols (use the icons at the top of the landing page--next to the search box--to navigate to specific subject areas within the interface).