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Lev Dodin Plants Chekhov’s ‘Cherry Orchard’ in the Eternal Present

The cast of Maly Drama Theatre's "The Cherry Orchard." (Photo by Viktor Vasiliev)

The cast of Maly Drama Theatre's "The Cherry Orchard." (Photo by Viktor Vasiliev)

Galina Volchek

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Galina Borisovna Volchek is a Soviet and Russian theater and film director, actress and teacher

A Chekhov-inspired play tops the line-up at Yale theater festival

Dmitry Krymov

Director Dmitry Krymov at the Drama Art School Theater. Source: Grigoriy Sisoev/RIA Novosti

Vladimir Mayakovsky

Русский: Маяковский, Владимир Владимирович
English: Vladimir Mayakovsky (1893(1893)–1930(1930))

The poster says:
"Do you want? Then join.
1. Do you wnat to overcome cold?
2. Do you want to overcome starvation?
3. Do you want to eat?
4. Do you want to drink?
Hurry to join a shock worker's group." (literarlly an assult group of exemplary labor--this was the term used for those workers who exceeded their work quotas, thus helping the 5 year plan of industrialization in the Soviet Union to be completed  in less than 5 years.)

thanks to Diana Greene, Slavic Librarian for the translation

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Russian theatre director says culture ministry vets new plays

St Petersburg’s ​​Alexandrinsky theatre

Valery Fokin is the award-winning artistic director of St Petersburg’s Alexandrinsky theatre. Photograph: Alexander Demianchuk/Reuters

Russia Beyond the Headlines

Stanislavsky for 2015

Boris Yukhananov speaking in his office in the theater, which will be rechristened the Stanislavsky Electrotheater.

Theatre “School of modern drama” opened the season