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Journalism: LexisNexis

This guide is a reference tool for students in the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute.

Finding Specific Newspapers/Sources in L/N

To search for a specific source in LexisNexis:

  • Go to LexisNexis!
  • Click on the Sources tab
  • Use the search box to search for the publication title
  • When your results come up, checkmark the source that you want and hit OK
  • The source will now be added to your search!

To search for sources from a specific state in LexisNexis

  • Click on the Sources tab
  • Browse by country then state
  • In your search results, you should see a file titled " news sources"
  • Checkmark the source that you want and hit OK
  • The source will now be added to your search!

About LexisNexis

How do I access LexisNexis?

You should always access LexisNexis either through this page or the library homepage. Go to LexisNexis!

What's in LexisNexis?

Newspapers, newswires, blogs, television and radio transcripts, and more.

What's NOT in LexisNexis?

For the most part LexisNexis does not contain academic journals. In addition, if you are looking for content pre-1990ish, Lexis may not be your best source.  See the US and International Newspaper pages for tips on finding older content. This academic version of LexisNexis also does not contain public records.

How does LexisNexis compare to Factiva?

There is a lot of overlap between LexisNexis and Factiva content.  However, Factiva tends to be stronger on international news sources.



LexisNexis Search Tips


My Favorite Search Tips

Symbol Use it to... Example
! Find alternate endings Surroga! finds: "surrogate" "surrogates" "surrogated"
w/# Search words in proximity to each other - can be useful for names Hillary w/2 Clinton finds: "Hillary Rodham Clinton" "Hillary Clinton" and "Hillary R. Clinton" 
ATLEAST# Specify the frequency of a search term ATLEAST4(bill gates) returns articles where the phrase "bill gates" is mentioned at least four times
length ># Find articles of a certain length Bill Gates and length >2000 will only bring back articles with the phrase "Bill Gates" that are longer than 2000 words.


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