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Social Sciences Projects: About Research Materials

This guide acts as a front door for those doing research in social sciences fields

About this page

This page lays out a few things you should know about in terms of finding research materials that support your project. The materials you use could be many different kinds of things, books, articles, data sources, web resources, interviews, and more. The important thing is that you carefully evaluate the resources you use to make sure they are reputable, applicable to your project, and meet the criteria set out by your instructors.


Finding Books and Articles

Finding Books and Other Library Materials

Search BobCat, the library's catalog, for books, journals and other print materials, videos, sound recordings, e-books, e-journals, databases, and indexes in our local libraries and special collections. Journals, magazines, databases, and indexes will be listed by title only in BobCat.

Finding Articles

Databases (ProQuest and PsycINFO are examples) index the articles that are found in journals. Searching article databases allow you to search the contents of thousands of journals simultaneously.

The Peer Review Process

The peer-review process is the system by which much scholarly work is judged for quality and strength. Here is a great video created by the North Carolina State University Library that lays out the basics of peer review.


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