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Social Sciences Projects: Searching on your own

This guide acts as a front door for those doing research in social sciences fields

About this page

Do a little searching in the database of your choice.

What Is A Scholarly Article?

Here is an excellent presentation that will help you to determine whether a periodical is popular or scholarly.  It was produced by our colleagues at Peabody Library, Vanderbilt University.

Tips and Hints

Try out a few searches in some of these database. Here are a few things to remember:

Focus on keywords - avoid sentences and long phrases

Your first search isn't your best search - learn from the initial results and use them to improve your next search

When you find a good article - look for full text or hit the little red NYU button

Many databases have hidden tools - like truncation (develop* will get you develop, developing, development etc)

Look for subject headings and descriptors - these can give you an idea of other terminology that will get good results

Mark records that you like - you will be able to export or email them to yourself later


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