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Journalism: Food Writing: Chefs, Restaurants, and Types of Food

Researching Chefs

To find books about chefs, search BobCat for the subject terms: cooks united states.

Researching Restaurants

Use the NYC Restaurant Info page and the Newspapers, Magazines, & Blogs page to find restaurant info from the point of view of the city, of diners, and of restaurant critics. To find additional news articles, try searching Proquest and LexisNexis for information about chefs, restaurants, and the corporations that they may be part of. For additional corporate info, try the databases listed to the right.

Researching Food

Use the link to "Resources in Food Studies" for comprehensive assistance with food-related research. In general, keep in mind that this type of research crosses disciplines. Resources in history and anthropology may be especially useful for background research related to types of cuisine and aspects of food culture. Use the encyclopedias and reference resources to the right to get started.

Basic Biography Resources

Basic Business Directories

Background Research for Food