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Drug Information: In Bobcat (Library Catalog)

A starting point for locating drug information in books, articles, and other sources.

Searching for drug information in library catalogs

You can find books and journals by searching BobCat by Library of Congress Subject Headings. On the main search screen select the In Subject limiter from the third drop-down box.

Some subject heading examples include:

  • Subject=Pharmacology
    Used for books on the science of drugs, including their chemistry, actions and effects.
    For example:
    • pharmacology--handbooks, manuals
    • pharmacology--history
  • Subject=Drugs
    Some of the subdivisions listed under the subject heading Drugs are:
    • drugs--administration
    • drugs--dosage
    • drugs--effectiveness
    • drugs--handbooks, manuals
    • drugs--overdosage
    • drugs--physiological effect
    • drugs--side effects
  • Subject=Drug Abuse
    Some of the subdivisions listed under the subject heading Drug Abuse are:
    • drug abuse--prevention
    • drug abuse--social aspects
    • drug abuse--treatment
    Related works may be found under the subject headings Substance Abuse, Alcoholism.