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New to NYU Libraries: How do I find books?

A basic guide to NYU Libraries' services for new NYU students.

Book FAQs

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Does the Library have textbooks?

Where do I check out books?

For how long can I check out a book?

How do I renew books?

How do I request a book that's checked out?

What if a book is listed as "Offsite Available"?

How do I access ebooks?

What if the Library doesn't have a book I need?

Steps to Finding a Book

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STEP 1:  Search BobCat's Books & More Tab.

STEP 2: Get the call number.

STEP 3: Check the call number chart.

STEP 4: Get the book from the shelf.

Search BobCat

Search for books, journals, videos, etc. in our local libraries and special collections.

NYU Libraries' online catalog.

All about call numbers

NYU Libraries uses the Library of Congress call number system.

A call number begins with one or more letters, which indicate the floor book is shelved on and the subject area covered by book.