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New to NYU Libraries: How do I find articles?

A basic guide to NYU Libraries' services for new NYU students.

Searching for Journal and Newspaper Articles

NYU Libraries subscribes to more than 1,000 databases that index scholarly journals, news, images, music, and more.

Searching for articles by TOPIC:

To find articles on a particular topic, the first step is to choose a relevant database(s) to search.  Use BobCat's Articles & Databases tab and select the most appropriate subject category to identify the most relevant databases.

If you can't find your subject, you can go to the Research Guides to find listings that have been selected by our subject specialists. If you're still in doubt, you can always use our Ask-a-Librarian online help services (IM, Email, Text).

Searching for a PARTICULAR ARTICLE or BROWSING the contents of a specific journal:

If you have a citation for a specific article, or if you want to browse the articles within a specific journal, use BobCat's Journals tab.

How to Find Full-Text

When you're reviewing your database search results and find an article you want, look for a full text icon which can look something like this or this .

If there's no full-text icon, look for this button  , which will search NYU Libraries' overall online and print subscriptions for the full text of that article.

Many journals published before 1995 are only available in print format.  Back issues of journals in print format are shelved with books in the stacks so you will need to search for the journal title in BobCat to get a call number so you can find the bound journal on the shelf.

If Bobst Doesn't Own Your Journal Title

If Bobst doesn't own the journal you need, you can request it via interlibrary loan (ILL). We'll find a library that owns the title, and email you the article, usually within just a few days of your request.