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Alternative Serials in the Tamiment Library: Newspapers

A guide to finding and using alternative serials collections in the Tamiment Library, a special collection at Bobst Library focusing on Labor and the Left.

Newspapers Collection

The Tamiment Library has a collection of approximately 1,660 newspapers in print and hundreds more on microfilm.  

The newspapers in the collection were published by international and local labor unions in the United States and Canada, radical political parties (Anarchist, Communist, Maoist, Socialist, Trotskyist), the New Left, and by organizations representing civil rights movements (African-Americans, prisoners, etc.), peace movements, protest against the war in Vietnam (including titles published by American soldiers), activity in support of national liberation movements, student and youth activism, the counterculture, feminism and gay liberation, and other social and political movements.

Only 15% of the newspapers in the collection have been fully cataloged in BobCat to date, but there is a finding aid online that lists all of the newspapers in the collection, cataloged and not. The Newspapers Collection finding aid shows the title, publisher, first and last year of holdings, and box number, but it does not show complete holdings information for the issues in the library’s collection.

Holdings information is available in the unpublished guide to the Newspapers Collection available at the Reference Desk in the Tamiment Library. In addition to showing all the issues held of each newspaper, it contains a selected topical index for some of the titles. Topics include Anarchist, GI Newspapers, Prisoner, Women’s Liberation and other subjects.

Irish America Newspapers & Periodicals Collection

This collection contains major runs of several prominent Irish-American newspapers and periodicals. Titles held include Irish Echo, Irish Edition, Irish People, An Phoblacht / Republican News, Irish Voice, Irish World, An Gael (published by the Irish Arts Center, New York), Irish America, The Nation and The World of Hibernia.  See the electronic finding aid for details.  Please note that this collection is stored offsite and advance notice is required for access.

NYC Newspapers List

The article on newspapers in the The Encyclopedia of New York City provides a history and bibliography of the press in NYC.  It includes lists of 18th Century newspapers, daily newspapers arranged by date of first publication, foreign language papers, and more.

Radical Press in NYC

The Radical Press in NYC page on Tamiment's website is a good place to start your search for publications.

Digitized Newspapers

See the Digitized Serials tab in this research guide for help finding newspapers online.

Underground Press Online

The subscription database, The Sixties: Primary Documents and Personal Narratives 1960–1974, includes 39 underground press titles along with "diaries, letters autobiographies and other memoirs, written and oral histories, manifestos, government documents, memorabilia, and scholarly commentary."   Issues from such titles as About Face, Berkeley Tribe, Berkeley Barb, Fifth Estate, Four Year Bummer, New York Free Press, Paper, Rag, Vanguard, Vietnam GI, and others are available online.

Underground Press on Microfilm

In addition to the serials on microfilm cataloged at the title level, the Tamiment Library holds three underground press collections on microfilm that contain hundreds of additional newspaper and journal titles.

The serials are a valuable record of radical thought and counter-culture opinion and are relevant to the study of history, education, literature, journalism, sociology, law, psychology, and other subjects.

These MF sets have been cataloged at the collection level in BobCat; only a few of the newspapers titles have been cataloged individually.

Each of the collections is accompanied by a published guide that provides access to the newspapers and serials contained on the reels.

The main Underground Press Collection (Tamiment Call #: Film R-7001), consists of over 550 newspapers dating from 1963 to 1985. (476 reels),

The Hoover Supplement (Tamiment Call #: Film R-7002) was added to the Underground Press Collections in 1988. Filmed from holdings in the newspaper archives at the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace at Stanford University, the supplement contains 266 titles. These include 88 missing issues from UMI's original collection and 178 additional titles. Publications in the Hoover Supplement reflect various perspectives of the late '60s and '70s. (16 microfilm reels)

The University of Missouri--Columbia Supplement UMI (Tamiment Call #: Film R-7003) was filmed at the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Journalism, which is recognized as one of the leading journalism schools in the country. This collection contains 123 titles from the early 1960s through the late 1970s. (9 microfilm reels)

Search BobCat under call numbers "Film R-7001," "Film R-7002," or "Film R-7003" to see catalog brief records describing the three underground press collections and their accompanying guides.  You will also see records for the few newspapers that have been cataloged individually from the three collections.

Serials on Microfilm

Tamiment holds more than one thousand serials titles on microfilm.  Search for them in BobCat by Author/Creator, Title, or Subject.

You can also browse a PDF list of the serial titles on microfilm arranged alphabetically by title.