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Alternative Serials in the Tamiment Library: Finding Serials in Tamiment

A guide to finding and using alternative serials collections in the Tamiment Library, a special collection at Bobst Library focusing on Labor and the Left.

Search Strategy for Serials

The Tamiment Library holds thousands of serials that are fully cataloged in BobCat and easy to find with a Title, Author/Creator, or Subject search.  Tamiment also holds additional serials titles that have not yet been cataloged in BobCat.  Because of the combination of cataloged and uncataloged holdings, finding titles in the collection may require searching BobCat, reading a finding aid online, consulting lists of uncataloged serials, and/or using published guides to periodicals in print and on microfilm.

Follow the links below for help finding:

Finding Newspapers in Tamiment

Tamiment holds more than 1,500 newspapers, only 15% of which are currently cataloged in BobCat.  Follow the steps below to find newspapers in the collection:

If you know the title of the newspaper, search for it in BobCat.

If the newspaper is NOT in BobCat, look for it in the electronic finding aid for our Newspapers collection.

If the newspaper does not appear in the finding aid and was published between 1965 and 1985, check the Underground Press Collection microfilm guides.

Search WorldCat to see if another library holds the newspaper.  

Consult the Library of Congress's Chronicling America Newspapers project page to see if it is included there.

Consult Ulrich's International Periodicals Directory, a subscription database, to find out more information about the publication.

    Also see the separate Newspapers tab in this research guide for additional information.

      Deciphering the BobCat Record

      Holdings - After determining that the library holds a particular title, click on the "Get It!" link or the link to More Bibliographic Information in the record to see which issues of a particular title are in the collection. Sometimes there will be more than one holdings statement. If a title is available in print and in microfilm, for instance, there will be two holding statements and two call numbers. When a title is available in both formats, researchers must use the microfilm.

      When you click on the Get It! link you can also learn about the availability of electronic editions and link to Ulrich's International Periodical Directory.  Ulrich's provides detailed information about periodicals, including the availability of alternative formats and indexing.

      Be sure to look carefully at the information on the library's holdings of a serial. The publication history will be included in the BobCat record, but the library may not possess all of the issues that were published.

      Requesting Serials

      Once you have determined that the Tamiment Library holds a particular serial, fill out a call slip in the library to request the issue(s) you need. 

      With the exception of the reference collection and microfilm, Tamiment's holdings are in closed stacks, meaning that you cannot browse. 

      Materials do not circulate either; they must be used in the library's reading room during our open hours.

      Tools for Indentifying Alternative Publications

      Consult the Reference Sources tab in this research guide to learn about bibliographies, indexes, guides and other reference sources to help you identify serials on your topic.

      Finding CATALOGED Serials in Tamiment's Collections

      Search by Title:

      If you are looking for a specific journal or newspaper and know the title, search BobCat by typing the title of the publication in the search box (e.g., Title = "Berkeley Barb") and limit results to "Journal."

      Search by Author:

      If you are trying to find newspapers, journals, annual reports, bulletins or other serials published by a specific individual or organization, try an Author/Creator search in BobCat under the name.

      For example, choose the Advanced search option in BobCat and search on "Students for a Democratic Society" (with the quotes) In Author/Creator on the first line, and "Periodicals" (no quotes necessary) In Subject on the second line.

      Search by Subject:

      To find serials on a particular topic, do a Subject search in BobCat. Set the first limit to "Journal," select either "that contain my words" or "my exact phrase" as the second limit, and set the third limit as "in Subject." For example,

      "anarchism -- periodicals"
      "civil rights -- periodicals"
      "communism -- periodicals"
      "labor unions -- periodicals"
      "feminism -- periodicals"
      "peace movements -- periodicals"
      "socialism -- New York (State) -- New York -- Periodicals"
      "working class -- periodicals"

      Fine-tuning Results

      When a broad search results in too many hits to be useful, narrow them down by using the "facets" at the left of the screen. For instance, limit by:

      • Library -- Choose "Tamiment" to zero in on serials held in Tamiment
      • Subject
      • Author/Creator
      • Language
      • Call number group
      • Publication Date
      • Genre

      Browse Lists of Serials

      Cataloged Serials - Sorted by Title (pdf)

      Cataloged Serials - Sorted by Year (pdf)

      Cataloged Serials - Sorted by City of Publication (pdf)

      Cataloged Serials on Microfilm - Sorted by Title (pdf)

      Finding UNCATALOGED Serials in Tamiment

      Not all of the Tamiment Library's serials have been cataloged in BobCat to date. Retrospective cataloging is currently underway and new titles are added to the collection every day. Please ask if you need help determining whether the library holds serials that do not appear in the catalog.

      Lists of the library's uncataloged serials, sorted by title, place of publication, and date are available at Tamiment's reference desk and online from the links below. The lists give brief bibliographic data and date range of holdings. 

      Uncataloged Serials - Sorted by Title (pdf)

      Uncataloged Serials - Sorted by City of Publication (pdf)

      Uncataloged Serials - Sorted by Year (pdf)

      Also see the Archives of Irish America Newspapers and Periodicals Collection


        Tamiment holds more than one thousand serials titles on microfilm.  Search for them in BobCat by Author/Creator, Title, Subject or browse a PDF list of the titles arranged alphabetically. 

        Digitized Serials

        See also the Digitized Serials tab in this research guide for information on finding serials online.

        Current Serials

        Researchers may browse a pdf list of our current serials subscriptions. To see which issues the library holds, search BobCat, NYU's library catalog.