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Alternative Serials in the Tamiment Library: Periodical Indexes

A guide to finding and using alternative serials collections in the Tamiment Library, a special collection at Bobst Library focusing on Labor and the Left.

Selected Periodical Indexes in the Tamiment Library

The Tamiment Library's collection of more than 10,000 serials gives researchers access to a wide range of alternative publications. 

Periodical indexes, which provide information to help you access articles within publications are available for many, but by no means all, of the alternative publications in the library.

Where indexes DO exist, researchers can find citations to articles within specific publications.

Where indexes do NOT exist, researchers will have to use other means, including web searches, encyclopedias, secondary sources, and indexed publications like The New York Times, to narrow down a relevant date range and then read through the un-indexed serials around the appropriate dates to see if the publication covered a particular topic.

Consult the list of Selected Periodical Indexes in the Tamiment Library to identify tools for finding articles in a range of publications in the library's collections.

Left Periodicals Index