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OAS: Organization of American States: Online Full-text Access

Research Guide for OAS

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Online Full-text Access

Thousands of OAS publications (including official documents, reports, press releases, audiovisual materials, and other) may be found in the OAS home page:

Even though this site is rich in documentation and may be sufficient for most purposes, the information it contains tends to be dispersed. Coverage of documents produced since 1998 is extensive, not comprehensive.

Major documents such as the Annual Report of the Secretary General, resolutions and declarations, and treaties and conventions, can be rapidly located in the “Documents” section of the page:

Many other documents and publications can be found in the “Publications” section or from sections within the web site developed by particular OAS units or divisions. Understanding the organizational structure is key for locating documents or publications on a particular subject or area. For a description of the OAS organizational structure, see:

The OAS site is searchable. The OAS Search Form serves to locate documents on a particular subject or area. Only keyword searches are possible.