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Hyperlocal Newsroom: Researching the East Village: Census Info for the East Village

This guide is intended to support research conducted by students at NYU's Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute who are reporting for The Local East Village.

The East Village, According to the Census


County  New York County
Community District  CD 3
Neighborhood Tabulation Area  MN22
Census Tracts Included  42, 57, 40, 55.02, 38, 36.02, 34, 28, 32, 26.02, 26.01, 22.02, 30.02, 20, 24, 61*
Assembly Districts Included  64, 66, 74
State Senate Districts Included  25, 29
City Council District  2

* There is only a small sliver of census tract 61 represented, just east of Broadway.

Numbers above are based on a definition of the East Village that is bounded by 14th Street to the North, Houston to the South, Broadway to the West, and the East River to the East. You can map all of the above boundaries for varying neighborhood definitions at

Neighborhood Boundaries

The Census does not observe official neighborhood boundaries, but it does make information available for units called Neighborhood Tabulation Areas. These are approximations of neighborhoods and may not line up exactly with the boundaries that you would draw. The NTA for the East Village is MN22. You can find population, race, and housing information by NTA at the Dept. of City Planning's website, here.