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Nursing Resources: A Self-Paced Tutorial and Refresher: 2.8 Critically appraised topics

An online instructional tool to orient users to the NYU virtual environment: books, databases, articles, more.

Critically Appraised Topics, Evidence-Based Journals, and Critically Appraised Articles

Authors of critically-appraised TOPICS evaluate and synthesize multiple research studies. Here are a few examples of sources:

Authors of critically-appraised individual ARTICLES evaluate and synopsize individual research studies. Examples:

  • Nursing+ Best Evidence for Nursing Care (McMaster University's Health Information Research Unit)
    This service is unique: all citations (from over 120 premier clinical journals) are pre-rated for quality by research staff, then rated for clinical relevance and interest by at least 3 members of a worldwide panel of practicing nurses. Includes: A searchable database of the best evidence from the medical literature, an email alerting system, links to selected evidence-based resources.

  • Specialized journals use predefined criteria to publish evaluated abstracts of the literature and comment on the methodology of each published study. Here are two examples for nurses:
    • Evidence-Based Nursing selects and summarizes the best studies, which have met predefined criteria. These are presented in the form of structured abstracts and are accompanied by expert commentaries.  Special features of this journal include:    Purpose and Procedure--describes in detail the criteria for selection and review of articles for abstracting.   EBN Notebook--series of articles that address the process of evidence-based nursing.  Glossary of Terms--presented on the inside back cover of each issue. 



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Nursing Reference Center (NRC)

Nursing Reference Center Plus (NRC)   (NYU only)

NRC Plus provides a user-friendly point-of-care resource intended for staff nurses, nurse administrators, nursing students, nurse faculty, and hospital librarians. NRC aggregates the most recent clinical evidence and knowledge on conditions and diseases via a nursing-specific graphical interface. NRC is accessible from a patient’s bedside, nursing station, kiosk, office, or home. Clinical care data included in NRC consists of:

  • CINAHL Nursing Guide –Over 3,500 evidence-based lessons on procedures, diseases and conditions, legal cases and drugs.
    • 2,700+ Care Sheets and Lessons
    • 700+ Legal Cases
    • 300+ Research Instruments
    • 500+ Continuing Education Full Text Documents
  • Patient Education – Over 4,000 Health Library documents available in both English and Spanish.
  • Link here from your desktop  to register
    • SCROLL TO "NRC Plus Mobile App Access"
    • Note that in order for the authentication key to work you must register with an email address synced to your iPhone/iPad/iPod.
    • Next, from your mobile device, download the NRC app, then register using the authentication key sent to your email. You have 24 hours to access the key from your device to authenticate the app. If the key is not used within 24 hours, it expires and will need a new key.