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Graphic Novels and Comics: Journals and Online resources

A guide for students and researchers interested in comics and graphic novels

Comic Book Plus (formerly Golden Age Comics)

Bonn Online Bibliography for Comics Research

The Bonn Online Bibliography for Comics Research is an international bibliographic database for scholarly literature about comics, graphic novels, manga and related fields. Not included so far (with a few exceptions) are articles from fan magazines, newspapers and blogs. The Bonn Online Bibliography for Comics Research sees itself as a complement and supplement to similar undertakings that have a different (wider or narrower) approach, such as or the comics research bibliography.

Graphic Novel Reporter

The Graphic Novel Reporter contains a variety of resources related to graphic novels including: interviews, op-ed pieces, reviews, core lists, bestseller lists, and a blog. 


Comic Book Reporter

Comic Book Resources (CBR) is the premier online comics magazine. Renowned for it's high quality and diverse content and active community, CBR draws the most loyal audience of users.  Contains lots of resources including: blogs, reviews, videos and lots more.


Comics Research Bibliography

An international bibliography of comic books, comic strips, animation, caricature, cartoons, bandes dessinees, and related topics. It is divided into four sections, arranged alphabetically by author, for ease of use. Last updated in 2009.

Comix-Scholars Discussion List

The COMIX-SCHOLARS-L list is an academic forum from the University of Florida's Comic Studies department, which serves the interests of those involved in research, criticism and teaching related to comics art. All aspects of comics and cartooning from around the world are open for discussion.  This page also contains other resources for the study of comics.

Grand Comics Database

The Grand Comics Database (GCD) is an ongoing international project to build a detailed comic-book database that will be easy to use and understand, and also easy for contributors to add information to it. This fully searchable and sortable database includes information on creator credits, story details, and other information useful to the comic-book reader, fan, collector, and scholar.

Wonderfully Vulgar - British comics 1873 to 1939

The online exhibition "Wonderfully Vulgar" presents a selection of British comics from the 1870s (the Ally Sloper era) to the 1930s (knockabout comics). The phrase "wonderfully vulgar" used in the exhibition title is taken from an interview in which Charlie Chaplin recalled his pleasure in reading comics as a boy in 1890s London.

The exhibition is based on a collection of around 5000 historical British comics housed in the Library (BIS) of the University of Oldenburg in Germany.


Keeping up with journal literature is the best way to stay up-to-date on the current research trends in the field.  Because the study of Graphic Novels and Comics encompasses other fields, such as art and film, you may want to target a few journals and set up RSS feeds or alerts for others.  Google Scholar is a great place to begin with alerts. 

Here are a few journals you may want to take a look at: 

SANE journal: Sequential Art Narrative in Education

SANE journal: Sequential Art Narrative in Education publishes research and practitioner-based articles covering all intersections of comics and education, from pre-k to post-secondary studies, from a variety of disciplines.

Founded in 2010 by Dr. James "Bucky" Carter and initially hosted by Scholarly Exchange, SANE Journal is one of the few peer-reviewed platforms pertaining to the educational uses of the comics medium. In 2014, SANE migrated over to the bepress platform, and is now hosted by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Visual Language Lab

The Visual Language Lab is a site developed by Neil Cohen and is the home for his research on drawing and visual language.  Lots of great resources! 

The Digital Comic Museum

The mission of The Digital Comic Museum is to provide as close to a free resource as possible where users can easily download public domain golden age comics without the need to ask or worry about searching the net for them.