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Mendeley: Sharing

Learn how to use the bibliographic management tool Mendeley to organize citations, format bibliographies & citations, and more.


Share your references with others by creating a Group. In Mendeley there are three types of Groups:

1. Private

With the free Mendeley account you can only have 1 private group, with up to 3 people in it. This allows you to create shared reading lists and share PDFs. It is worth noting though that any annotations made in a PDF cannot be viewed by the entire group in their libraries, only by the person who made the annotations.

2. Invite Only

This option allows you to share references with a group. The public can follow the group, but cannot join, edit, or add citations to it.

3. Open

With this option anyone in Mendeley can add to it, sharing references.

Creating a Group

To create a group click on Create Group in your Mendeley Desktop then select the type of Group you wish to create and name it.



Once you have added the group you can click on it to manage it, which includes adding members.