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Mendeley: Networking

Learn how to use the bibliographic management tool Mendeley to organize citations, format bibliographies & citations, and more.

Networking through Mendeley

Through your Mendeley Web account, you have the ability to network with colleagues across different fields and create a professional online profile. You can follow colleagues to see what they are working on or reading and can keep them up-to-date on your endeavors (an added benefit being that loading your work into the interface can be useful to your scholarly impact). Below is an example of what your profile can look like - all the professional information you can include, how to view the groups you participate in, and where to connect with followers and colleagues you follow.


Editing Your Profile

Sign into Mendeley Web and click on your name (at the top of the page) to be taken to your profile. Once you are in your profile, select Edit Profile and begin adding the information you want listed.

The edit feature also offers the option to embed your profile badge as a widget to other sites.