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Digitized Slavic journals, newspapers, periodical bibliographies, books, maps, illustrations.

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Introduction to Slavic Information Resources 
The preeminent research guide for all Russian and Slavic subdisciplines.


The Russian Book Chamber's Online Bibliographies

     The Russian Book Chamber's Bibliographies, ranging in frequency from weekly to annual, include various kinds of printed materials published in the USSR and Russia. These are: books (1939-present), dissertations (2005 to the present), journal articles (2005-present; almost 1400 journals), newspaper articles (2005-present; 136 newspapers), graphic publications (1940-present), music (1939-present), reviews (2005-present), and maps (2005-present). Although the bibliography issues aren't cumulated and must be searched individually,contents are number coded by subject. In addition, the reviews section includes an electronic index of reviewed authors' names, and the journal and newspaper article bibliographies include title lists of the periodical publications.


The Slavic internet is full of free digitized research material in all Slavic subdisciplines, in constantly increasing amounts. This guide, which is necessarily a work in progress, includes some useful sites I've come across.
     Please feel free to contact me with other Slavic reference sites that should be included.
                                   Diana Greene, Slavic Studies Librarian

 For digitized Slavic research material available through our subscription databases, see the  Slavic Studies research guide.  

Russian Digital Collections


Национальная электронная библиотека (НЭБ)  (English) Natsional'naia elektronnaia biblioteka (NEB)    Digital holdings of 55 Russian libraries and 5 museums and archives.

 Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library - Digital Collections (Prezidentskaia Biblioteka imeni Borisa Eltsina) 71 thematic collections about Russian national and regional history, Russian foreign relations, law, art, religion, education, and more. Includes digitized books, journals, moving images, dissertation abstracts, and other documents.

Dokumenty Sovetkoi Epokhi  in Russian. Digitized documents from the Russian State Archive of Social and Political History (RGASPI). Includes protocols of Politburo sessions (f. 17, op. 3 and 163) from 1919 to 1932 (subsequent years to be put online), and Stalin's correspondence (f. 558, op. 11). Still-classified documents are not available.

Fundamental'naia elektronnaia biblioteka The classical Russian literary canon and  literary criticism

Gosudarstvennaia Publichnaia Istoricheskaia Biblioteka Books, Periodicals, "Collections" (e.g. early 20th century Russian Futurist books), Images (portraits and maps)

Moscow State University Library Digital Collections. Russian historical documents     zip files

Russian National Library (Dokusfera)   (Rossiiskaia natsional'naia biblioteka)
Russian history, folk music, Russian literature and literature of national minorities, Children's literature, newspapers, photographs, printed music, and more.

The Russian State Library   (Rossiiskaia gosudarstvennaia biblioteka)
4 collections: 400,000 Russian dissertations (not accessible);  the universal collection (75,000 culturally important books in Russian and minority languages published since 1830); early Slavic printed books (8.000 works of Russian historical significance published before 1830); and 13,000 music scores.

Runivers   A digital library of primary sources for Russian history and culture, including reference works. Subject categories are listed on the left of the screen. See "Digitized Historic Slavic Periodicals" tab above, for links to individual historic journals.

Virtual Library of Eastern Europe:

 Library of Congress (Meeting of Frontiers)
       Eastern Europe Digital Collections

New York Public Library Slavic and Baltic collections

Internet archive ebooks (Russian)
     Russian literature (1,450)
     Russian history,805)



Europeana Digital resources of 1,500 European museums, libraries, archives and audio-visual collections. Includes materials from Czech and Polish institutions, and Slavic materials from all over Europe.

Некоммерческая электронная библиотека

Virtual Library of Eastern Europe:

Subject Librarian

Inventories of Russian Digital Collections