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Slavic Studies Internet Resources: Blogs and Open Access Slavic Journals

Digitized Slavic journals, newspapers, periodical bibliographies, books, maps, illustrations.


1. Champaign-Urbana Russian Blog Guide  Compiled by staff of the  Russian, East European and Eurasian Center at the University of Illinois.English and Russian blogs focusing on current events in the Russian Federation.

2. All the Russias (ed. Eliot Borenstein, Jordan Center for the Advanced Study of Russia)

3.. Slavic Studies Librarianship
   (ed. Liladhar Pendse, Slavic & Eastern European and Central Asian Studies Librarian at University of California, Berkeley)
   Fellowships, Conferences, Job openings, Slavic internet resources

4..    Harvard Library's Slavic Blog - new acquisitions, gifts, special collections, digitization 




Russian online journals: Zhurnal'nyi zal

Zhurnal'nyi zal

Download below document for the list of journals.

Directory of Open Access Journals

Directory of Open Access Journals Over 9700 open access research journals; at present, 84 in Russian; 68 in Polish; 40 in Czech

Open Access Russian, Czech, Polish Journals

Open Access Journals Database

UNESCO-sponsored international database, with access to the journals. Choose country from drop down box. Sort by publication, subject, date, or title. At present, there are 123 Russian, 52 Polish, and 35 Czech journals.
     Download below alphabetized list of Russian journals. Ctrl+Click on the title for access. 

Polish Open Access Academic Online Journals

1.  Arianta database of  Polish Scientific and Professional Journals via the Library of the University of Silesia.
       3,200 titles of Polish ejournals, some open acess, some table of contents only.
          Arianta search engiine:
       A-Z list: of 18,000 international ejournals, many open access:
2. From  Liladhar R. Pendse's Slavic Studies Librarianship blog. Download the document below for alphabetized list with links to over 440
 Polish open access journals compiled by Dr. Jan Szczepański. 

     Download the document below for alphabetized A-Z list with links to over 440 Polish open access journals. For access, ctrl+click on title.