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Slavic Studies Internet Resources: Slavic Digital Humanities

Digitized Slavic journals, newspapers, periodical bibliographies, books, maps, illustrations.

Map: Russians in London

Map of London with color coded markers to indicate various places associated with Russians.
     Courtesy of Sarah J. Young, SSEES.

Mapping Literary Saint Petersburg: Gogol and Dostoevsky

Sarah J. Young
.The annotated maps are the main focus of the site, plotting the eventsplacesnotebooksambiguities and institutions in Crime and Punishment, two different maps of Gogol’s Petersburg Tales, and overlay maps showing historic administrative districts and the use of old cartography. There are also background sections covering PetersburgDostoevsky, and Crime and Punishment, and bibliographies on PetersburgDostoevsky, and Cities, Spaces, Cartographies. Updates and additions will be noted on our News section.

    Mapping Gogol
    Mapping Dostoyevsky
    Mapping Saint Petersburg