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NYUAD Writing Program

In keeping with the ethos of a liberal arts education, the Writing Program offers courses that introduce first-year students to the fundamentals of academic argument and intellectual inquiry. These are offered in tandem with one-on-one tutorials and with consultations in the Writing Center.

Courses offered by the NYUAD Writing Program are opportunities to concentrate intensely on the process of writing. The development of strong writing skills throughout a student’s academic career is an important objective of an NYUAD education. The NYUAD Writing Program, like other writing programs in the GNU, takes it as a given that writing is not merely a useful skill but also a way of learning and knowing. We champion an integrated understanding of writing as a mode of inquiry and invention; as a means of communicating the results of that inquiry; and as a social and recursive activity.

Designed to meet the needs of each individual student through a blend of writing courses, tutorials, and one-on-one and consultations in the Writing Center, the Writing Program seeks to cultivate a robust culture of writing at NYUAD—from freshmen to seniors, and for students across all of the divisions.

Writing Program Homepage

Event Details and Schedule

NYUAD Writing Studies Working Group

Comparative Writing Program Pedagogy (NYUAD  & Yale NUS)


9:00 Coffee

9:30 Opening Remarks & Welcome (Robert Young, Dean of Arts & Humanities)


Session 1 (Panel):  

Comparative Pedagogy & the Writing Studies Working Group

NYUAD Writing Program & Yale Writers’ Center: Marion Wrenn, Ken Nielsen, Robin Hemley & Heidi Stalla

11:15 Coffee Break


Session 2 (Round Table):  

Creativity, Pedagogy, & Writing Studies: “Creativity” across the Curriculum

Lunch 1-2:30


Session 3 (Round Table/Break-out Sessions):

The Writing Center: Co-Curricular Initiatives & Outreach (Peer Tutoring; Global Education; FYD; Adult Education; Student Publications)

4:00 Coffee Break

4:15  Keynote: Bryan Waterman

5:00  Happy Hour (TBD)

6:30  NYUAD Institute Lecture (on campus):  Michael Pollan

(Please RSVP via link). 

Dinner:  8:30 TBD

Yale-NUS Writers' Center

The Writers’ Centre is a friendly and welcoming space open to all members of the Yale-NUS community. Writers' Centre Staff provide regular individual writing consultations and group workshops on rhetorical skills, revision strategies, and the conventions of format and structure appropriate to different genres. As consultants, they are able to provide general feedback about the articulation of ideas, tone, audience awareness, argumentation, structure, grammar, clarity, and style, regardless of the discipline, at any stage in the writing process. In addition to academic writing, staff will also read creative writing and help with personal statements, application essays, and grant proposals. All consultants and faculty at the Writers' Centre share the Writing Programme’s goal to help attendees come to a deeper understanding about their own writing processes.

When & Where

Campus Center, Library 
New York University Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

November 17, 2016