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Business Analytics (MSBA) Strategic Capstone: Find E-books and Articles

This guide will lead you to resources that provide helpful information on completing your Business Analytics Strategic Capstone.

Why are articles and e-books important?

The following is a comprehensive list of databases containing articles and e-books related to Business Analytics. This is a good place to start to find background information, the latest news and articles from US and International newspapers, trade publications, and academic journals. 

Finance Related Journals/Articles



How to Find Full-Text

When you're reviewing your database search results and find an article you want, look for a full text icon which can look something like this or this .

If there's no full-text icon, look for this button  , which will search NYU Libraries' overall online and print subscriptions for the full text of that article.

Google Scholar

Want to search for NYU full-text articles on Google Scholar? Set your preferences and begin searching quickly and easily following these instructions: Google Scholar on the Advanced Google Searching research guide