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Data Management Planning: OSF @ NYU

Information on best practices and standards for data management planning.


The Center for Open Science and NYU’s Data Services are excited to announce the launch of OSF for Institutions at NYU. Researchers who rely on the Open Science Framework (OSF) to manage their project workflows, build research transparency, encourage project visibility, and collaborate with other scholars can now affiliate their projects with NYU’s institutional membership, thus joining the growing OSF community at the university while continuing to enjoy all the benefits and functionality of the framework.

Before using the institutional login, make sure your e-mail address is a primary or secondary e-mail on your account. If you do not, a second account will be made for you. The two can be merged, but you will have to make a request to the Open Science Framework to do so. 


Build Greater Openness in Research: Make Your Project Public!

NYU Data Services loves to feature ongoing projects making use of the OSF as part of its institutional partnership with the Center for Open Science. Consider making one or more of your OSF projects public to help foster transparency in research and collaboration within the university community!

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Affiliate Your Research!

Why Affiliate Your Projects?

Affiliation takes only a few seconds, and does not require any modification to your researcher profile or projects. By linking your account to NYU’s OSF for Institutions, you:

  • Get the benefit of single sign-on using your NYU net id. One less password to remember!

  • Benefit from easier connections to NYU resources, storage apps, and research support made available through our institutional account.

  • Will be eligible to benefit from future technology enhancements to NYU’s OSF for Institutions

  • Increase the visibility of open science at New York University while adding to the discoverability to your research among local scholars.