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Hackathon - Open Access: Tech for Social Good

A guide to resources for the NYUAD Annual International Hackathon for Social Good in the Arab World. All linked sources are accessible on the free web.


Databases to try

Check your college or university library for relevant databases.  Here are some at NYU that I think would be helpful.  Again, make sure to ask your local librarian if you have questions!

  • Proquest Central
  • EBSCO: Omnifile Full Text or Academic Search Complete
  • Lexis-Nexis

Try Google Scholar

Good for interdisciplinary topics like this.  Remember to use your keywords carefully.  

Open Access articles & journals

Try searching these journals to find information on your topic.

Subscription-only articles & journals

Check the library at your college or university to see if you have access to these journals.  Most libraries have an A-Z journal list.  If in doubt, contact your local librarian!


Try searching your local library catalog for words like:

technology AND society

"information technology" AND activism

technology AND democracy/health/education etc...

Here is a list of books at NYU--you can also check to see if your local library has them.