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Health (Nursing, Medicine, Allied Health): Find Books/E-Texts

Guide to locating health evidence. View the EBP "pyramid" and link to tools for locating relevant research.

Health: E-books, Summaries & Collections (including Encyclopedias/Bibliographies/Handbooks/Aggregated Sources)

MedKit (via the HSL Library)

Search across 10+ clinical and point-of-care resources simultaneously  (NYU log-in required). Enter a patient PROBLEM, INTERVENTION, OR DRUG!


Search Summon (Beta)

Summon is a meta-search tool that accesses E-books in multiple disciplines. Includes some (not all) contents of E-books licensed by NYU.
Go ahead and try it!

  • Includes:  Some, not all, of NYU Libraries' E-book content (includes individually indexed E-book chapters)
  • Strengths:  Keyword searching within the full text of E-books
  • Disadvantages:  Too many results; not all E-books are found here; keyword searching may retrieve irrelevant hits. 


Search BobCat

Search for books, journals, videos, etc. in our local libraries and special collections.

NYU Libraries' online catalog.

Directions for Faculty: Embed Links in NYU Classes

Leisure Reading in the Health Sciences