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A guide to the upcoming performances of Huang Yi & Kuka at the NYUAD campus.

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This guide was created by librarian Ilka Datig, from the NYUAD Library.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at 

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About Huang Yi & Kuka

From the artists' website:

I was born in a wealthy family. When I was 10, my parents went bankrupt due to investment losses. My family of four moved from a luxurious house; to a 40-square foot room. As a child who was constantly moving from one tiny room to another; and seeing my parents go through suicide attempts, I grew up knowing that I had to be a perfect child. I detached all my emotion- passion, anger, and sadness, to be that perfect child, and to be like a robot: obedient, friendly, outstanding, considerate, never rebellious, perhaps no personality.

As a child, my favorite cartoon was Doraemon, a Japanese animation character and a cat robot; who is always there to solve problems for his owner. Apparently I have something with robots since I was little- Is it because they represent a character that is loyal? Or is it because their destiny of being selfless? Thankfully, my parents let me choose to be a professional on stage, which became the best outlet for my compressed emotion. And I wanted to find a way to dance with a robot.

I did my research on the most advanced industrial robots, and KUKA stood out for stability, and the fluid design like the shape of human. In 2010, I called KUKA company in Taiwan. When I told them my idea, they said, “According to the regulation, when the robot is moving, human beings cannot enter the area of its action. If you can find a way, I will lend you a KUKA.”

I have found a way.

For me, “Huang Yi & KUKA” is a process; of beautifying the sorrow and sadness when I grew up. It is the expression of loneliness, self-doubt, self-realization, and self-comfort. I was trying to make a beautiful illusion, just to assure others; that everything was fine. I wanted to remind us of our simplest hope; from the very beginning, that we are all just grown up kids, but still kids.

For more information, please visit Huang Yi Studio+ website: 

Huang Yi & Kuka -- A Duet of Human and Robot

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