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Legal Resources for Journalists: Home

A guide of legal resources for journalists and other non-lawyers.


"Contemplation Of Justice" by Matt H. Wade. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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This guide will direct you to some accessible legal resources for NYU journalism students, journalists, and other non-lawyers. It will also provide strategies for navigating the complex world of legal research, including determining the type of legal research you need, gathering background or contextual information about your case or topic, and determining which databases to search.  

Quick links to begin: 

- Case research 

- Finding statues 

- Administrative law

Types of Legal Resources

There are three main sources of law: statutes, case law, and administrative law

Statutes are laws that are enacted by legislators. Case law is law that is decided in courts. Administrative laws are regulations that come from government agencies.


Types of Law











Image credit: Georgia State University School of Law Research Guide

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