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Leisure Reading (and Viewing): Books in the Leisure Reading Collection

Have some free time? Why not spend it curling up with a good book or movie?

The Leisure Reading Collection

The Leisure Reading Collection is located on the Main Floor of the Library--just take a left when you walk in the main entrance and you'll see it.  

In this section we have a variety of fun books to read, including thrillers, romances, YA, popular science, and memoir.  As these books are in high demand, we lend them for two weeks only.  Enjoy, and please let us know if you have suggestions!

Suggest a purchase

Is there something you'd like to see added to our collection?  Use the "Suggest a Purchase" form.

Under "Additional Notes" make sure to write "Leisure Time."  

Get more help

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NYUAD Librarians are available to answer your questions via chat, email or in person at the Information Desk.