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New York University Archives: Picking a Topic

This guide will acquaint you with the resources available at the New York University Archives; inform you how to conduct research using these resources.

Picking a Topic

You need to do research at the University Archives for an assignment. Now what?

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Narrowing it Down

You have a general idea for a topic--how do you turn it into a research question?

Some questions you may want to consider:

  • Could you focus on a specific school within NYU?
  • Do you have a particular time period of interest?
  • Are you interested in researching student life? You may want to pick one specific student club, student publication or dorm.

Then, you will want to connect your topic to the types of sources we have.

  • Who was present at NYU during that event/time period?
  • Who within the University community would have documented that topic?
  • What types of materials would have been created by the University or students?

Next Steps

Locating Relevant Material

Also, check our Resources page for additional topic ideas.