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Library Preservation: Circulating Collections Care

Information about preservation of library collections in NYU's global locations, institute libraries, and departmental libraries, as well as information for the general library community.


This guide provides information on caring for circulating and reference collections at NYU's global locations, institute, and departmental libraries.

Books requiring preservation from Bobst Library's circulating and reference collections should be routed to the Barbara Goldsmith Preservation & Conservation Department in Lower Level 2 of Bobst Library. For more information about preservation and conservation at NYU Libraries, please see the Barbara Goldsmith Preservation & Conservation Department's  web page


Basic Preservation Procedures for Portal, Institute, and Departmental Libraries

The following guides are written for staff at NYU Portal, Institute, and Departmental Libraries. The guides describe various preservation actions for general collection books. Please note these guides are not intended for Bobst Library staff or for work on rare books or other special collections. Conservation of Bobst collections are carried out by Barbara Goldsmith Preservation & Conservation Department staff.