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Real Estate:

Resources for real estate research, highlighting databases & materials at the Jack Brause Library.

On-Site Databases for Real Estate Research

The following resources are accessible at the Jack Brause Library

Searching for Journal and Newspaper Articles

NYU Libraries subscribes to more than 1,200 databases that index scholarly journals, news, images, music, and more. Most of these databases include the full-text of the articles; others provide a "Find at NYU" or "SFX" link that tries to connect you to options for getting the article.

Searching by Subject
To find articles on a particular topic, use the Articles & Databases tab. Select the most appropriate subject for your research. Within your subject category, you can search across several subject-related databases simultaneously. This is also a great way to discover recommended databases for a subject.

If you can't find your subject, you can go to the Research Guides to find listings that have been selected by our subject specialists. If you're still in doubt, you can always use our Ask-a-Librarian online help services (IM, Email, Text).


Searching by Journal Title
When you have a citation for a specific article, search for the journal title, not the title of the article.

For electronic journals: When you know the journal you're looking for, simply type the title into the box found in the middle of the Find E-Journals page.

For print journals: Go to BobCat, type the name of the journal in the search box. In the "limits" box, click on the left drop-down menu and select "journal" and on the right menu, select "title."

Additional Databases for Real Estate Research

The databases in this box provide access to academic journals, trade publications, popular magazines, and newspapers, as well as case studies, industry reports, and more. These databases can also be found in BobCat's Databases A-Z page. 

The databases below are useful for finding reports and data on industries and economic areas.

Mapping & Demographics Resources

These databases provide census data, business counts, demographics, and exportable maps and charts.