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Virtual Business Library: Case Studies

Finding Case Studies in Article Databases

In the advanced search screen type "case studies" in the first search box.  In the right-hand drop-down menu, select "subject."  In the next search box type either the name of a company or a keyword relevant to your research, such as "finance".

Other Databases Containing Case Studies

Case Studies from the Catalog

Search BobCat to locate books in the collection that contain case studies.  Search for "case studies" AND a keyword relevant to your research.  Below are some results from a sample search of "case studies" AND "finance".

Case Studies from Ebrary

Flip through the slide show in the box below for steps on how to access case studies from Ebook Central!

How To: Search For Case Studies on Ebrary

Step 1

Step 2

Steps 4 & 5

Harvard Business Case Studies

NYU Libraries does not have access to Harvard Business Case Studies.  Harvard does not make their case studies available for any library; they must be purchased directly from Harvard using the link below: 

Case Studies for Purchase from Business Schools

The following are links to case studies that must be purchased.  Business schools that produce case studies do not typically sell them to libraries, but rather directly to the general public.

Other Websites for Case Studies